Mr Segerstrom holds a master in purchase and logistics from SILF Sweden with extensive experience working in a large wine importer, where he participated in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, Italy, USA, Portugal, Germany and Hungary. With over 20 years of experience of purchase and logistics from different industries, especially in the wine industry. After that, in 2017, Mr Segerstrom quitted his job with the dream of founding Segerstrom Wines.

A wine producer who wants to reach the Swedish consumer market has to get any of its products listed in Systembolaget’s assortment. State-owned Systembolaget has since the early 2000s, through a statutory monopoly, sole right on the sales of alcoholic beverages to the public through over 400 locations.
For every Swedish wine importer, good contact and cooperation with Systembolaget is an outmost importance

Competition is fierce, and all wine producers need a serious, dynamic and business friendly partner with great knowledge of the Swedish market and the type of wines that are requested by the Swedish consumers.