Mr Segerstrom holds a master in purchase and logistics from SILF Sweden with extensive experience working in a large wine importer, where he participated in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, Italy, USA, Portugal, Germany and Hungary. With over 20 years of experience of purchase and logistics from different industries, especially in the wine industry. After that, in 2017, Mr Segerstrom quitted his job with the dream of founding Segerstrom Wines.

A wine producer who wants to reach the Swedish consumer market has to get any of its products listed in Systembolaget’s assortment. State-owned Systembolaget has since the early 2000s, through a statutory monopoly, sole right on the sales of alcoholic beverages to the public through over 400 locations.
For every Swedish wine importer, good contact and cooperation with Systembolaget is an outmost importance

Competition is fierce, and all wine producers need a serious, dynamic and business friendly partner with great knowledge of the Swedish market and the type of wines that are requested by the Swedish consumers.


In order to achieve success as a wine importer, knowledge of the products as well as marketing and sales is a must. Parallel to this is an efficient logistics and distribution organization as important. To achieve the best possible storage and distribution efficiency with a pronounced environmental awareness, Segerstrom Wines has chosen to cooperate with the logistics company JF Hillebrand TPL.


Segerstrom Wines believe in creating long term relations between our producers wines.

We add value to our partners by combining our passion, knowledge, drive and creativity

As a partner in Scandinavia we can offer you as a producer a number of different business opportunities. See brief description below about different sales activities we continuously work on.


Continuously we compete on calls of tenders announced by Systembolaget. Since the Scandinavian off-trade markets are ruled by monopolies, the purchasing process is very strict.

We work in close relationship with a number of partners to compete on Monopoly tenders. We believe it is very important to work in close relationship with the producer, together come up with good suggestions on wines to meet current tender requests.


After we win Monopoly tenders and get a listing, we focus on well extended marketing activities the first year. We are willing together with you as a partner to push on marketing initially to make this happen.

Besides competing on tenders we also work on proposing wines to the monopolies too fit to specific range of selections. This we do when we have something extraordinary to present. It could be a new AOC, old vintages or something innovative. If you believe you have an interesting wine, that you are willing to offer please let us know and we can present it to the monopolies.